"Sometimes you are funny and silly.  You help me fix my mistakes in a fun way.  You are a great teacher to learn viola from."  

                                  - Della K., 7 year old viola student

"Metacognition is an important concept to incorporate in helping students understand themselves as learners and as musicians. I think Suzanne has a wonderful way of helping her students process what they are learning.
Suzanne helps her students think metamusically!"
                                      -parent of private viola student

"Studying with Suzanne has been a very inspiring and valuable experience for me. I like the way she had me try different experiments on my instrument, I also appreciate the fact that  she develops personal connections with her students besides teaching technique. That made her not only an instructor in music, but also a great friend in daily life! I'm glad I've had a chance to study with her in summer and am looking forward to more and more!"

             -Zhi-Yi Emma Dong, student at Performing                 Arts Institute at Wyoming Seminary

"Suzanne is funny and nice and cool. She’s a great teacher."

                              -Jesse S., 8 year old viola student

"She's a great teacher that helps you to like playing the violin.  Her lessons are a good balance of work and fun."

"Out of tune notes hurt her ears!"

                              -Owen K., 11 year old violin student

"Suzanne is very patient, caring and funny. All these years taking violin lessons with her, I've learned a lot of helpful strategies to improve my playing  skills."

                            -Nelson D., 10 year old violin student

"Suzanne met our daughter's instructional needs beautifully.  She was respectful of the prior training our daughter had received and gently incorporated her own way of teaching in a very complementary way.  Our daughter's posture and playing improved with Suzanne's kind, careful, and thorough instruction."

            -anonymous, parent of private violin student